Better Together!

Helping leaders and teams develop collective intelligence, clarity, discipline and heart


A room full of smart individuals alone is no match for similar group that has learned to be great together, discovered their edge, and aligned on their purpose.  But teams and organizations who have not figured out how to be "better together" can be exhausting, wasteful and soul-sucking.  

My purpose is providing the catalyst that allows the realization of the potential and possibilities of being "better together" at all levels of the organization.

I help committed organization leaders build emotionally and socially intelligent teams and organizations that can lead change, achieve strong results and develop great people and cultures.

David C. Hager

Leadership Coach
Team Accelerator
Culture Catalyst

Leadership and Organization Solutions with Smarts, Courage and Heart
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""None of us is as smart as all of us."   -- Ken Blanchard, Author 

"And none of us can be as stupid as all of us either.  Better Together is not an accident.  "  ---David Hager

Leading positive change in a team or whole organization is about 10% knowledge and 90% willingness an courage to face the Unpleasant Truths and take action anyway.  

Smart Leaders, Smart Teams

Is This You?d
You are someone who feels responsible for the success of others, probably leader of some type of team or an entire organization.    You are already convinced that a truly excellent and sustainable organization depends on the quality of relationships and a capability for collaboration and shared creativity. And you probably want to take your organization and your leadership to the next level or are facing important challenge in doing so.    You care about performance and people.    
This Is Me

How I Work With You

A client of mine from McKinsey & Company called me "The Swiss Army Knife of Consultants and Coaches, having an unusual combination of breadth and depth."   I serve primarily the senior executives of smaller and mid-sized organizations with a well-balanced set of Coaching, Consulting, and Organizational Effectiveness skills and tools.

You are already a good leader.  So what can I offer you that you don't already have?   Perspective.  Candor.  Accountablity.  Even the best surgeon in the world would not imagine taking out his or her own appendix, a very simple operation. No one can look at their own face without a mirror. Entire organizations are often full of blind spots about where they get stuck and where missed opportunities for growth and excellence may lie. 

I have worked in the trenches of organizations as a senior executive and as a consultant to senior leaders and professionals. I served over 10 years as legal counsel to domestic and global companies and non-profits followed by another 10 years helping to build partnerships between US companies and their Asian counterparts and regulatory agencies. I have experienced the challenges of leading organizations from both inside and outside.

I believe that experience, attitude and proper chemistry are the key factors in creating a successsful partnership between consultant or coach and client.  But if you  wish to see credentials and details, please click on the LinkedIn button here.
I focus intensely on fully exploring and defining the problem or goal at the outset of a relationship and continuing to be sure that we are "solving the right problem" on an ongoing basis.   I don't push panaceas, the latest leadership flavor of the month or "spray and pray" approaches.  We figure out together where the highest priority needs are and focus on them. 

  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Team Development and Alignment
  • Strategy and Implementation Retreats
  • Senior Executive Coaching
  • Applied Emotional Intelligence
  • "Onboarding" and Leadership Transitions
  • Multi-Cultural and Generational Teams
  • Complex Interpersonal, Team, And Inter-Organizational Conflict Resolution
  • Leading And Managing Complex Change
  • Fostering The Growth Of “Intelligent Teams” And Organizations
  • Culture Assessments and Development
  • Practical Approaches To Individual And Shared Mindfulness

Clients I Have Served
  • Johnson and Johnson—Senior executive consulting, facilitation and coaching
  • Siemens, A.G.—Senior facilitator and executive coach for worldwide leadership development programs 
  • McKinsey and Company--11 years program facilitator and coach for Firm consultants and partners
  • Washington State Department of Labor and Industries--Change consulting, executive and leadership team coaching
  • Microsoft Corporation—Leadership development facilitation and coaching for worldwide leadership development 
  • Hill and Knowlton—Co-design with Chief Learning Officer of internal senior executive coaching program
  • WPP Group  Facilitaiton and coaching for leadership development programs (USA, Asia and Europe)
  • Red Bull—Business strategy retreat facilitation and follow on coaching
  • Experian Corporation-- Business strategy retreat facilitation and coaching for CEO and senior leadership
  • ING Bank, Hong Kong:  Regional strategy and leadership team development consulting and facilitation
  • Government of the People’s Republic of China (Various agencies)—Consulting on effective relationship development 
  • The Hyster Company—Consulting and partnership facilitation for a major foreign investment project in Shanghai
  • Volvo Truck Corporation—Assessment of China market opportunities and partner relationships
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—Facilitation of team and leadership development; mediation and conflict resolution
  • Kent School District, Board of Directors:  Individual and team coaching/facilitation for the Board and Superintendent
  • United States Department of Justice—Program development and facilitation for the Justice Leadership Institute 
  • The Gottman Institute—Board and strategic alignment facilitation and coaching 
  • ​Federal Executive Board—Mediation/ conflict resolution training services for various federal agencies